Upstate Property Office, Dee Why

Situated in Dee Why on the Sydney Northern Beaches, Upstate Property is a newly branded, modern and prestigious realty. A brand new 1800m2 office space reflects the business by providing a premium functional, modern and sleek office environment. With an emphasis on form and function, Vision Lighting provided a complete lighting package; including design and supply, to create a technologically advanced office space complete with smart lighting capabilities, reflective of Upstate’s branding position and market.

The Upstate offices include a range of innovative and statement lighting with DALI and Triac capabilities throughout. The reception area features a custom 4.2x8m membrane LED luminaire reminiscent of a skylight, creating a warm and welcoming area for clients. The back office provides an ideal working environment with a combination of over 125m of extruded lighting; including curved lengths and over 35 track lights. The various meeting rooms and personal offices are equipped with recessed extruded lighting alongside over 75 downlights. Featured in the open-plan workspaces, 37 honeycomb suspended luminaires create functional and stylish personal workspace lighting.

The functional and modern Upstate office environment creates an optimal environment for staff and clients alike and reflects the positioning of this premium realty.