The X350 is a high-quality, extremely efficient examination light offering the versatility of a stable mobile base with a flexible head mounting. Designed specifically for gynaecological examinations, the X350 can be positioned quickly and accurately, remaining stable throughout. The light-head gives a high-intensity output (120,000 lux @0.5m) and has no heat in the beam to ensure patient comfort. With around 50,000 hours lamp life the X350 is a cost effective, energy efficient lighting solution.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been around for a long time. Recently this technology has become leading-edge in the field of lighting – a breakthrough technological solution to the inherent problems of the incandescent light bulb. We have taken the technology and developed it further to provide high definition lighting solutions with no infrared, low environmental impact, high brightness, low power consumption, no toxic chemicals and a long operating life.

The X350 is the most versatile mobile LED medical examination light available. Its range of movement was initially designed for general examination use. This has been extended to the specific needs of the gynaecological department.

It can be positioned easily and quickly and controlled via a single switch, turning on and off and changing the light’s intensity easily without the need for two hands. All mobile castors are anti-static for extra reassurance.

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