Macquarie University, Building E7A Refurbishment

One of Macquarie University’s oldest buildings, the award-winning refurbishment of the E7A building was undertaken to meet requirements of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. With a focus on sustainability, elements such as heating, cooling and lighting to the new space were carefully considered to maximise output and energy efficiency whilst supporting occupant health and productivity.

Considering the technical requirements of the project, Vision Lighting was able to supply an intelligent lighting package to meet the project’s targets. Lighting supplied included DALI controlled extrusion lighting, indirect pelmet lighting, pendant lights and downlights.

A feature of the project, Vision Lighting’s custom Alinya direct / indirect suspended LED extrusion was installed to run continuously along the 60+ metre lengths of each of the corridors on five identical levels. Controlled by a centralised DALI system, the extrusion showcases our ability to manufacture custom lengths and angles, to suit the project requirements.

Other lighting featured in the project included Bender snake light to create indirect pelmet lighting and Alinya Asymmetric  wall washing extrusion for illumination in the emergency stair wells. Additionally, PLE5 suspended circular pendant panels were installed in the kitchens, along with a range of downlights to fulfil the project’s lighting and energy efficiency requirements.