Guardian Early Learning Centre, Barangaroo

Centred on meaningful, play-based learning, the new Guardian Early Learning Centre at Barangaroo provides a vibrant and sensory environment for early education. Guided by their natural interests and curiosities, the Centre encourages children to discover and engage in their natural interests at their own pace, in a creative environment.

Commissioned to design the new Centre, architects Collins and Turner developed an environment aimed at enticing and enriching young minds and bodies. Featuring both a continuous landscape for play and a stimulating environment for learning, the Centre incorporates undulating landscape surfaces, mirrored ceilings to provide a magical illusion of height, and a variety of sensory-rich experience spaces to inspire curiosity and support discovery.

The creative incorporation of lighting plays an important role in producing a bright, safe environment for learning and active play. Lighting also enhances the children’s sensory experience, with clusters of downlights, mounted in a black recess, appearing as sunbeams shining through the gaps in the ‘clouds’, and illuminated spaces beneath shelves creating safe and comforting retreats.